The Album – Squall

The story of SQUALL.

For those who are new to this, I decided to record the band and myself in front of a captive audience in the gorgeous surroundings of Ullapool, in the north west Highlands of Bonny Scotland.

We transformed the games room of The Ceilidh Place into what turned out to be a very intimate atmosphere with the band in the center of the room and studio audience on either side.

The order of events was meet and greet followed by everyone having their photo taken in a specially crafted booth.

We then headed over to start the first of the two recording sessions, with a spectacular buffet provided by The Ceilidh Place served in between these.  This allowed us to all have a wee break and to meet and have a laugh.

I am hugely grateful to the following folk….

Co-producer Marc Clement for his huge commitment not just in pre-production but also in setting up the recording environment, and also playing the guitar so beautifully.

Iain Copeland for being the drummer and human being that he is renowned for.

John Paul Spiers for his silky bass playing and also being a thoroughly decent human being.

Somhairle Macdonald for designing this website, taking all associated photos, creating the tickets and for his general creative energy.

Barry Reid for engineering and also setting up the studio and generally being very cool.

The Ceilidh Place for providing the venue, ticket sales and the incredible feast for us all.

And finally to all the incredibly generous and supportive folk who parted with cash – those who came to the event and also those who made donations. You all have made this album recording possible.

I am eternally grateful to you all !!!!