Why is ‘Adam Sutherland’s Interesting People’ the name of my Podcast show?  I suppose I’ve always been curious about people’s individual stories and unique life experience.  So, one of my favourite things about my job over the last twenty years as a professional folk musician has been the chance to meet and be inspired by a litany of people.  Vey often these folk have changed my mind, taught me things, and generally provided me with an opportunity to learn.  I’ve also always wanted my own radio show (who hasn’t?) so this is a chance for me to find out more about some of the folk I’ve met along the way, and to allow you, the listener, in on the conversation.  Actually, it’s not so much like a radio interview.. more like a blether around the kitchen table.  Scroll down for the latest Podcast featuring Josie Duncan.

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My guest on episode three of Adam Sutherland’s Interesting People is Scottish singer songwriter, Josie Duncan.

During our chat, Josie takes us on her journey from winning the local MOD on the Isle of Lewis aged five to picking up a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award at the 2017 ceremony alongside duo partner Pablo Lafuente. We also learn about some of her heroines and heroes, including what it’s like to share a flat with Margaret Bennett.

Josie also talks frankly and openly about some of the things she has found less easy along the way, even managing to laugh at certain challenges, that to me sound pretty tough.

And finally, she treats us to a gorgeous Gaelic song from Skye, with a little bit of fiddle accompaniment from yours truly.

I hope you enjoy the show.