The Errogie Collection


‘The Errogie Collection: Volume 1’ is a collection of my own Scottish folk tunes, written over the last twenty years.

As well as melodies and chords, the book includes stories from my travels through life.  It also features a collection of photographs of the place I grew up; the south side of Loch Ness.  Thanks to the talented Somhairle Macdonald for these.  In keeping with the title of the book, the images are intended to give a sense of place.

‘The Errogie Collection’ is meant to be more than just music; I want it to be something that anyone can leaf through and enjoy.  Many of the tunes are featured on albums that I have worked on over my 20 year career as a professional musician, whilst others are new.  One or two are already played in sessions as it is.

I hope that this first volume of my music can bring a smile or two.

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Some photos that didn’t make the book.

Photos by Somhairle MacDonald